”Before I stand up to leave, the little girl looks at me straight in the eyes: ‘Why? Why is this happening to me? I do not understand..’
This should not happen. Not to anyone. Ever.”

Nepal is one of the world’s poorest countries, which is reflected in the living situation of the young population. Assault, rape and human trafficking, is a constant threat to the women and children, living in the country.

StellaStar, is a charity organization, working to help more children gain access to food and education. StellaStar helps women learn how to read, write and do calculus. It also provides everyone with a chance to shape their own future.

Nepal is a country full of opposites. Poverty and exposure is mixed with joy, an inventive spirit and consideration. Presently, the country is undergoing a civil war and a number of natural disasters, in which many children have lost one or both parents.Alla har rätt till utbildning

The need for help to women and children in Nepal is near inexhaustible. In such a country, no-one can do everything and help everyone – but everyone can do something. We are happy to welcome you, in the fight to create a better Nepal for the women and children, who need it the most!

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